ABA Solos - 3 First Performances 3 First Prizes

ABA Solos - 3 First Performances 3 First Prizes

Sunday 23rd May proved to be a very good day at the Auckland Band Association Solo Contest.

In the Championship Slow Melody I placed 1st with a first performance of my new arrangement of Merkel's Arioso for Cello and Organ. (Hear it here).

In the Not Slow Championship I placed 2nd (by half a point!) with another premiere of a completely new composition, Demonic Dance

In the duet Grant Langdon and I won with a piece I wrote for flugel and baritone called West Coast, and in the ensemble section we placed 1st with the first performance of The Grave Warrior, a piece for sextet featuring Bass Trombonist Andrew Lile.

 All in all a very successful day.

All this new music is either available on the website already, or will be in due course. The Merkel Arioso and Demonic Dance will have band and piano versions whilst the duet West Coast is standalone with no accompaniment needed.

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