Fantasie Brilliante

Fantasie Brilliante

One of my earliest memories of brass playing is listening to a cassette (remember those?) of James Shepherd versatile Brass, and particularly the euphonium solos of David Moore. I remember him playing Arban's Fantasie Briliante and thinking "I wish I could play that".

Many years of practice later when I came to actually perform this piece, I discovered that, at that time, there were no arrangements of it available for either piano or band, so in the early '90's I arranged the piece for both. Following a long series of unfortunate events the digital versions of both of these arrangements were lost.

Finally I have re-created the full band version and made it available for download on the Steven Booth website, and hope to complete the piano version soon.

Take a look HERE  and download the solo part for free (although if you have the Arban then you already have it :-) ).

The audio sample is from a live performance with a Dutch brass band way back in the 1990's, probably recorded on a cassette recorder! Shame about the last note, ah well that's live performances.

Have fun with this one.

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