Multitracks and Writing Music Before Computers

Multitracks and Writing Music Before Computers

I've recently been delving further into multi track recording - something I originally started at the age of about 18 before the technology was really accessible. 

This led me to rediscover several arrangements I did back in the 80s for euphonium ensembles and quartets, in the days before we had computers to do half the work for us. It was all handwritten music and arranged by ear - or what you though you could hear in your head. 

I am working my way through a few of those arrangements - the first one being a quartet arrangement of We've Only Just Begun. It's taken 37 years to get round to recording them so I hope you like it because there are more where that came from! Well what else am I going to do in lockdown other than write and play more music?

Stay safe and keep blowing...

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