My First Multitrack in 36 Years!

My First Multitrack in 36 Years!

In 1984 at the tender age of 18 (and still then on euphonium) I was given the opportunity, by a friend of my stepfathers, to do a couple of multitrack recordings using his 8-track tape recorder. At the time I was quite heavily into arranging things for euphonium quartet so was happy to try out this great exciting 'new' technology. I still have much of the music I arranged back then, on manuscript of course as there were no computer programs readily avaialable, but only one audio track survived as far as I have been able to establish.

Anyway some 36 years later and a global pandemic forces all bandsman into their homes and away from their bandrooms, and suddenly social media is full of people making use of all the modern technology and sharing with us many, many delightful renditions of all types of music on all sorts of instruments and instrumental combinations. I couldn't turn down the chance to try it myself after all this time.

So after 36 years may I present my first attempt at a mutlitrack - one verse of Calon Lan as a duet. Nothing too exciting I have to admit but after a 36 year gap and still getting used to the available technology it's a start.

Here's the link:

I do plan to move on to bigger and better things, but have to start somewhere.

Back to practice - oh and trying to figure out the technology!


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