National Band of New Zealand

National Band of New Zealand

I am delighted to tell you that I have been selected for the National Band of New Zealand for 2020/21. 

Following a very well organised and thorough video audition process the band has been selected by the Musical Director Mr. David Bremner, and it looks amazing. Here is the full band - announced only 2 days ago:

Kay MacKenzie - Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass
Solo Cornets
Harmen Vanhoorne - Leader - North Shore Brass
Anthony Smith - Woolston Brass
David Maas - Wellington Brass
Mason Elliot - Hamilton City Brass
Logan Ford - St Kilda Brass
Tyme Marsters - Woolston Brass
2nd Cornets
Kevin McMorran - Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass
Clarke Spence - Eastern Bay Of Plenty Brass
John Sullivan - North Shore Brass
3rd Cornets
Rhys McDonnell - Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass
Graham Hickman - Woolston Concert Brass
Flugel Horn
Kevin Hickman - Woolston Brass
Tenor Horns
Mike Ford - Principal - Nelson City Brass
Lachlan Spence - Eastern Bay of Plenty Brass
Ray Farrow - Devon Hotel New Plymouth Brass
Steven Booth - Principal - Waitakere City Brass
Andrew Leech - North Shore Brass
Steve Miles - Principal - Woolston Brass
Luke Spence - Wellington Brass
Mark Davey - Principal - Wellington Brass
Andrew Yorkstone - Wellington Brass
David Paligora - North Shore Brass
Eb Basses
Nic Scott - Principal - Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass
Alex King - North Shore Brass
Bb Basses
Sam Pinder - Woolston Brass
James Sutherland - Wellington Brass
Grant Myhill - Principal - Wellington Brass
Fraser Bremner - North Shore Brass
Mone Isoda - Eastern Bay of Plenty Brass
Cam Lee - Woolston Brass

What a line up! Going to be some very exciting times and musical experiences playing in this band. Better go and get practicing!


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