National Band of New Zealand 2020/1 - First Rehearsal

National Band of New Zealand 2020/1 - First Rehearsal

This past weekend was the (delayed by Covid) first rehearsal of the 2020/1 National Band of New Zealand, and what an amazing experience. It was a privilege to spend the weekend with such an incredible collection of talented musicians led by one of the country's leading and most successful musical directors.

The weekend, held in Wellington, consisted of preparing an entire concert program for an upcoming concert in October - details to be announced later this week, but also included some time for catching up with old friends, making new ones and watching a bit of rugby (we won't mention how that went!). It was challenging, mentally and physically but musically extremely rewarding, and the band is now looking forward to meeting again to put the finishing touches to what promises to be a great concert program.

Something we are all very mindful of here in New Zealand is how lucky we are to be able to even have a band practice of any kind, while our friends and colleagues across the world are still largely in lockdown. Be assured that we are thinking of you and look forward to the time when the musical world can return to some sort of normality.

Keep practicing, be positive, stay healthy and be kind.

Best wishes from New Zealand.
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