Hurrah! We have a new website!

Hurrah! We have a new website!

We make no excuses. 

This blog is all about us. 

In between quietly patting ourselves on our backs for figuring out how to build a website, we are pausing to tell you what’s got us so excited.

Before you scroll us into oblivion, find out why our exciting news is to YOUR advantage.

We promise not to take too long…in fact, we’ll even put it into bullet points for you to race to the punchline….

  • The new website is mobile-friendly
  • Easy to navigate and we promise super easy purchasing
  • You can now buy all our SB Music titles as digital download for print at home [ insert oohs and ahhs]

What does this mean for you ??

Digital downloads means, no postage costs and no lost parts. PDFs are emailed to you, lightning-fast, no waiting for couriers.

Don’t worry we can still source any other music titles you need from around the world. Simply click on the Music Enquiry Tab at the bottom of the homepage and fill in the enquiry form. We will find it for you and get back to you with a price.

Bargains to be had. As we have switched to digital download we have some printed music stock up for grabs in our clearance corner.

Obviously, we would like you to visit our website! So we are letting you, our subscribers, get first dibs on our sale items until the end of this week.

Click here to go shopping >>>>>>>

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