One of the Best Contest Performances Ever?

One of the Best Contest Performances Ever?

I have been fortunate over the years to have been involved in some amazing performances and sit alongside some of the finest brass players in the world, playing under some of the world's greatest conductors. There are so many amazing experiences, including probably quite a few that I have forgotten - it's amazing how you see a photo or hear a recording and suddenly remember you were part of that!

One such experience, and one I will never forget is the 1990 European Championships with Black Dyke in Falkirk, Scotland. It was my very first European and I was very lucky to be playing with one of the best bands in the world at that time. Conducted by Dr. David King we had some absolutely amazing players in the band, legends of the brass band world and the band pulled off an absolutely stunning pair of contest performances of Harmony Music, and the then new work Essence of Time. The performances were incredible according to the judges who awarded us 99/100 in both pieces. (I wonder where we dropped the 1 point !), in fact we were 9 points ahead of our nearest rivals.

It was such an emotional experience that many of the band had tears in their eyes at the end - you just know when you've been part of something that special. 

This is the recording of the winning performance of Essence of Time


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