Online Tuition Takes Off During Lockdowns

Online Tuition Takes Off During Lockdowns

One positive thing to come out of the last couple of years of lockdowns and cancelled events has been the advancement of online collaboration, performance and tuition. Circumstances have forced more and more of us to consider doing things online which we would normally only have previously done face to face. It has also forced us to improve our online capabilities and equipment to ensure we have the technology, knowledge and resources to be able to work online and from remote locations.

Subsequently I have also started teaching online via zoom or Google meet, as well as continuing face to face tuition where circumstances allow. So far this has proved very successful and enabled sessions for people who would otherwise not be able to learn from players and teachers on opposite sides of the world, or in some cases where locations are remote, may not be able to get regular lessons at all. It also allows those who still have limited opportunities due to COVID restrictions or risks to get tuition.

I currently have some available slots for lessons, and being online these could feasibly be anywhere in the world - just like some of my existing students. We just have to figure out the time differences. Happy to do one-offs or regular short or longer term bookings, whatever you need. 

Just send me an email ( or private message for more info.

Stay safe and keep blowing.

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