RIP Mr Ryan Anthony

RIP Mr Ryan Anthony

A week or so ago saw the passing of a most truly inspirational man and world class musician Ryan Anthony. Ryan was an amazing American trumpet player, most notable for his performances as a member of Canadian Brass, and his role as principal trumpet in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, as well as being a world class soloist.

He died on June 23, 2020 after an eight-year battle with cancer, at the age of just 51.

His wife Niki and he set up the Ryan Anthony Foundation specially for cancer research in 2015 and "CancerBlows" concerts have become the foundation's premier event featuring some of the world's best and finest musicians. It was via one of these events I became aware of Ryan and his battle, and Song For Hope, a movie soon to be released about Ryan and his battle, named after a wonderfully emotional piece of music by Peter Meechan.

I would highly recommend taking a listen to this phenomenal piece of music here . I challenge you not to be moved by this stunning performance featuring Ryan himself.

In the short time I have been aware of Ryan and his incredibly moving journey, I have been truly inspired and amazed by his incredible positivity throughout his ordeal, related via social media and the words of his many, many friends and supporters worldwide. I, like many others, am deeply saddened by the tragedy of his death and the fact I will never get to meet him in person, but I know his legend will live on, not only through his work, his amazing playing, and his foundation, but also his many friends and family.

Learn more about Ryan's foundation at Cancer Blows

RIP Ryan. Music=Hope
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