Sometime You Just Want To See a List .....Right?

Sometime You Just Want To See a List .....Right?

Here's a copy of the latest newsletter from SB-Music:

Belated welcome to the New Year. 2020 must have surely been one of the hardest years for many people, as well as for music and musicians. Let's hope 2021 gets better for everyone.

I was thinking about receiving a nice newsletter, listing products with pretty pictures, and then I thought, sometimes it's just easier to see a list of music, titles, what it's for and how much. 

So here it is. A list of music currently on the site, but please keep visiting as I am working on a lot more, as well as branching out a little to include some string and wind so please feel free to pass on to your non-brass playing friends. 

Click on the bold titles to be taken straight to that piece on the site. Stay safe and keep blowing...or bowing if your a string player.

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