Welcome to 2021 - New Year New Music

Welcome to 2021 - New Year New Music

Belated welcome to the New Year. 2020 must have surely been one of the hardest years for many people, as well as for music and musicians. Let's hope 2021 gets better for everyone. Musicians here in NZ who are lucky enough to be able to meet, rehearse and even perform, can honestly say we think about our friends and colleagues around the world often, and continue to hope that it won't be too long before the musical world can get back to some sort of normality.

I have been very busy over the Christmas period, not only keeping my practice up to ensure I will be ready for the resumption of banding after the break, but also composing and arranging almost non-stop.

There are some exciting pieces in the pipeline, some complete and waiting for either first performances or to be made available on the website, and some still in progress.

At the last count I think I had somewhere between 10 and 15 pieces in one of these states, including several solos with band and piano, as well as a complete Concerto for Baritone and brass band.

There is a new duet which will see a performance at the 2021 NZ Brass Band Nationals in Christchurch, as well as possibly a couple of the solos.

Keep an eye out as well at the Auckland Band Association contest in May as I plan to premier 2 of the new solos there.

Keep practicing, try and stay positive, safe and be kind.

Best wishes for 2021.
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