What have I been upto since the last update?

What have I been upto since the last update?

More lockdowns in Auckland have provided ample opportunity for more composing, arranging, some multitrack recording at home and even an online duet with Fendall Hill from Australia, as well as appearing on Canadian Breakfast TV - check out my YouTube channel for the full story.

Luciferous is a challenging duet for Soprano Cornet and Baritone (or Euphonium) with piano accompaniment and is dedicated to my friend Fendall Hill. You can hear the premier performance of this (socially distanced of course) HERE

Saudade is an original solo for Baritone or Euphonium. Saudade, from the Portuguese culture, is a feeling of longing, melancholy, desire or nostalgia, describing a deep emotional state; a yearning for a happiness that is passed or unattainable.


The premier performance was at the NZ National Championships 2021 but unfortunately was not recorded so you can hear my version HERE.

There will soon be full band and brass ensemble versions of this piece available. 

Clear Skies is a quartet for euphoniums or baritones or any combination, this piece arose from listening to one of my favourite pieces from the 70s ELO's Mr Blue Sky, hence the title. If you're familiar with that piece you'll certainly be able to discern the occasional reference, especially the rhythmic content. 

You can hear the full piece HERE.

Sheet Music Plus....

Due to copyright there are certain arrangements that can only be made available via means other than my website, and I have been pretty busy on this front too!

 Pieces available on SMP include:

Steven Booth arrangements on SMP

Stay safe and keep making music, and if you made it this far down the update - Thank You.

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